You’re Invited to a Kitchen Shower

You’re Invited to a (virtual) Kitchen Shower

 By the Kitchen Renovation Committeefor the 21st Century Renovation Campaign Best Cooking Utensils Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...       Dishware clipart - Clipground  Spring is here, and our temple kitchen remodeling project is almost complete! We hope you will love our reorganized space, clear countertops, plentiful storage cabinets, improved lighting, and efficient new appliances. One day soon, we’ll even be able to come together in our temple again—to hold services, onegs and kiddushes, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, holiday dinners and potlucks of all kinds.  In the process of redoing the kitchen, we need to outfit our kitchen with beautiful and new items for cooking and serving.  So we’re having a (virtual) Kitchen Shower!  Members of your Kitchen Renovation Committee (Beryl Palnik, Nancy Eilberg, Vale Tate, and Judith Weiss) have created a registry of things we’ll need, and you are invited to help us acquire them.   Julia DiBiaggio has set up a website with photos of the objects we want to buy from Dean Supply and other kitchen stores, making it easy to see what we need, and to send in contributions to cover those purchases.  You don’t have to travel to the stores or buy these items yourself.  We can get them for you wholesale!  Just send in your donation to cover the items you like, and the enjoy a feeling of satisfaction when you whip up something delicious in our new pots, or serve yourself from our new platters on a groaning buffet table.  Check out the website at and help us make our kitchen party-ready!