Our Torah – Our Study


It’s our Constitution; it’s our Code of Regulations; it’s our By-laws.
It’s our Common Law; it’s our Housing Code; it’s our Penal Code.
It’s our Zoning Code; it’s our Health Department; it’s our Rules Committee; it’s our Parks & Recreation Department.
It’s our Finance Department; it’s our Auditors Office; it’s our Office of Management & Budget; it’s our Office of Ethics; it’s our Physics, Geology, and Space Offices.
It’s our Legislative Body, our Supreme Court, and the home of our Chief Executive.
It’s our Justice Department, Agriculture Department, our FBI, and our State Department; it’s our Defense and War Department.
It’s our Management Agreement and our Instruction Manual.
It’s our Trial Court, Appeals Court, and our Supreme Court.
It’s our Marketplace.
It’s our elementary school, middle school, high school, under graduate school, graduate school, and school of Higher Learning.

And, so much more……..

Come learn more about our 304,805 – the
304,805 letters that make up our 4 Torahs and every
other Torah.

Our Torah – The Study of Our Lives.
Our Torah – Our Study.

Every Shabbat Morning at 9:30 a.m. Beth Israel – The West Temple

Peter Sackett
Past President
BI-TWT Board of Trustees