Jewish Wisdom for Stressed-Out Parents in a Pandemic

Jewish Wisdom for Stressed-Out Parents in a Pandemic

For Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles… 

 THIS Sunday, November 8, 7:00 p.m.

our Scholar-in-Residence series continues

 Mother Knows Best ... Eventually.   Parents watching baby Clip Art and Stock Illustrations. 11 ...“Jewish Wisdom for Stressed Out Parents In a Pandemic” featuring Greg Marcus, the founder of American Mussar As parents, we are constantly challenged by our kids. Sheltering at home during the pandemic only throws gas on this fire. On top of regular parenting challenges, we now have to navigate hybrid or online education, one’s own career, single parenting or spousal relationships, all under one roof. These are fraught and overwhelming times. Come to this highly interactive session to learn how the Jewish Mindfulness practice of Mussar can help you become more present, stress less, and love more.. You’ll walk away knowing that you are not alone, and with a tool or two to help you cope with the current challenges. Introduction to American Mussar Part 1 - American Mussar

Greg Marcus brings an everyday perspective to his teaching, with a broad background including a Ph.D in biology from MIT, a ten year career  as a marketer in the genomics industry, and ten years as a stay at home parent. His latest book is The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions:Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussarand he is currently a Rabbi in training at the Academy of Jewish Religion, CA. 

Greg created Mussar parenting to help him cope with two teen daughters.

Please use the following Zoom Link: ID: 828 2004 0865Passcode: 319702 Dial in: 646-876-9923This Scholar-in-Residence program is funded by BI-TWT’s Zaransky Speaker Fund and the Congregational Enrichment Fund of Cleveland’s Jewish Education Center