Ki Tavoh – Deut. 26:1-29:8 (Sept. 4/5)

As the Torah Turns

Rabbi Lader’s Weekly D’var Torah

Ki Tavoh – Deut.26:1-29:8

This week’s Torah portion is Ki Tavoh – Deut. 26:1-29:8.   “Moses called to all Israel and said to them: …I have led you through the wilderness for forty years.The clothes on your backs have not worn out.Nor have the shoes on your feet become old.” (29:1,4) The clothes they wore stayed new for forty years!And the garments of the children grew with them! But the clothes in their trunks became faded and old,And the shoes in storage moldered. Nor was this the only miracle.All that they had grew with use: The silver they gave away became a sanctuary…The books they studied were remembered and copied…The labors they did made them stronger…The time they used well gave them more time…The knowledge they used brought them more knowledge…The love they displayed created more love… And we are the same.Miraculous garments belong to us all.If we wear them, they grow.If we store them, they perish.This miracle is ours.We have the power to perform itEvery day, any day… 

Rabbi Michael I. Hecht from The Fire Waits

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