From Peter Sackett, our Board President​

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From Peter Sackett, our Board President

Mishkan T'filahAn ad-hoc group met earlier this week to talk about ritual matters.  We discussed the High Holy Days, etc.Service leaders bemoaned the fact that ‘paging’ through the virtual service was time consuming; as a service attendee, I couldn’t agree more! THUS, we’re taking an old-fashioned approach to service materials – The Prayer Book!!!Yes, our somewhat dusty prayer books.It’s time to place them in the hands of those “attending” services. (Of course, if you are looking for a spiritual uplift, it’s always nice to turn to the prayer book for some helpful texts.) THUS, tomorrow, Friday, May 15th, between the hours of 10:00 am – 4:00 pm stop by BI-TWT.We will be at the back door in gloves and mask; we will hand you a Prayer Book. One book per family unit, please.   Starting tomorrow night, service leaders can simply call out, ‘turn to page 71’!!! Be well. Peter