Tidbits, 2021-2022


Tidbits for the coming year: 

  • Mark your calendars! This year we will be bringing back Winter University in January, 2022. There will be intergenerational learning programs and workshops which will include, music, art, text study, Hebrew and guest speakers. More information to come.

  • This year there will welcome musician in residence Steven Greenman who will be leading a “Taste of Klezmer” workshop during Winter University, and then return in the spring to lead a congregational Shabbaton connected to Jewish music!

  • The students and families will take part in mini retreats during the year called “The Passover Project”, in which they will explore and rethink the rituals that are part of the Passover Seder.

  • Shared Shabbat with Class — This year students in Grades PK-12 will help lead the Shared Shabbat services. There will be a virtual Shabbat service in which students will help create or lead. The dates will be as follows: Grades K-3- Friday, November 5 Grades 4-6/7- Friday, January 7 and High School, Friday, March 4.

  • The High School class will be studying the impact of Jewish immigration in America, and will be  taking a trip to New York City in January 21-23, 2022.

  • A special family Sukkot celebration will take place the evening of Monday, September 20. More information to follow. This will be followed by fun holiday observances for Simchat Torah and Consecration for Grades ½,(* Date TBD).  Special Chanukah, Purim and Passover programs and celebrations are also being planned. These will be great opportunities for our students to invite their friends to see how compelling and exciting Judaism is at Beth Israel-The West Temple.

  • We are delighted that last year’s superstar teachers are returning:  Shosh Ault, Scott Machol, David Neumann,  Ariella Payne, Lisa Fisher, Carol Ross, Renee Kolesar, Mary Lou McGuire and Allison Winokur. This year Jeff Heller will once again be teaching the High School class.The High School class will periodically be joined by guests who will bring additional knowledge and distinctive insights to our classrooms. We are also very excited to be welcoming Ken Dunn to our staff! He, along with Beryl Palnik, will be teaching the Grades 7/8 class.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful year with you.

Debbie Chessin

Director of Education

Education Committee:  Rabbi Enid Lader, Shosh Ault, Debbie Chessin, Robin Kaufman, Tina Keller, Josh Levy